Excited for your upcoming quince? If you’re in the middle of planning, you may be wondering about your quinceañera photoshoot. After all, how often are you in a gorgeous ball gown surrounded by your friends? The occasion definitely calls for an amazing photoshoot! And if you live in the Los Angeles area, you’re in luck—L.A. is a wide and diverse city with all kinds of backdrops and locations for photography. You’ll be able to have your pick of anything from colorful gardens to the classic, time-warp atmosphere of Union Station. No matter what your personality and interests are (books, fashion, horses, movies, sports, politics), you can find a perfect Los Angeles backdrop that suits you. Take a look below for some of the top spots in L.A. for your quinceañera photoshoot!

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Paul Smith Walls

Paul Smith Walls

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen users posting photos of the famous Paul Smith walls. Whether it’s the bright pink wall or the rainbow-striped one, both provide fantastic options for the ultimate fun and colorful quinceañera group shots.

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Union Station

Union Station

If you’re a girl who loves an “old movie” feel, Union Station is the place for your quinceañera photoshoot. Los Angeles’ historic train station will make you feel like you’re stepping back in time, and it provides truly gorgeous opportunities for pictures. Photo via katforder.com

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory

When it comes to famous Los Angeles spots, this one is high on the list. The Observatory has always been popular, but has reached new levels of popularity because of its presence in the recent movie La La Land. It remains a very hot spot for quinceañera photoshoots. Photo via memoriesbymarcie.com

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Bradbury House

Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building in downtown L.A. is the oldest commercial building in the city—and one of the most beautiful. Your quinceañera photoshoot here will give you elegant photos with a sophisticated and timeless touch. Please note: This one requires a permit to shoot in! Photo via kimlephotography.com

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Made In LA Wall

Made In L.A. Wall

Were you made in L.A.? If so, tell the world! This wall (which can be found on Melrose Avenue) is perfect for a quinceañera who’s California born and bred. It also makes for great group shots, and your bright quinceañera gown will really pop next to the neutral shade. Made in L.A., indeed!

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - LACMA

Urban Lights At LACMA

There’s a reason that the Urban Light installation at LACMA is one of the most popular areas for photoshoots: it’s beautiful and dramatic. For the ultimate atmosphere, schedule your photo shoot here during the darker hours.
Photo via karladelgadophotography.com 

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Smashbox Studios

Love Wall At Smashbox Studios

One of Los Angeles’s best backdrop walls, this one located at Smashbox Studios just cries out LOVE! It’s bright, modern, and colorful, and youthful—just like you, making it perfect for a quinceañera photoshoot!

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Sycamore Park

Sycamore Highlands Park

Riverside’s beautiful Sycamore Park is especially picturesque at sunset, and is a top choice for the setting of photoshoots of all kinds. And hey, after you’re done, fire up one of their grills and have a bite with your family! Photo via memoriesbymarcie.com

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Paramount Ranch

Paramount Ranch

This amazing location in Agoura Hills has belonged to Paramount Pictures since the 1920s. It includes a vast amount of land, rustic-feeling wooden structures, and unique feel, making it a beautiful spot for photoshoots.

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - LA River

L.A. River

The L.A. River has been used for countless shoots, including TV, commercials, music videos, and movies—not to mention engagement photos, wedding photos, and yes, quinceañera photos! Its historic bridges, views, and atmosphere make it a popular area for striking pictures.

Best Spots For Your Quinceañera Photo Shoot - Bobs Big Boy

Bob’s Big Boy Classic Car Show

If classic cars is your thing—or just fun vintage settings—consider Bob’s Classic Car Show for your quinceañera photoshoot. Every Friday night, gorgeous classic cars park at the famous diner, and you’ll most likely be able to get some of the proud car owners to let you pose with their car.

Best Spots For Your Quinceañera Photo Shoot - Exposition Park

Exposition Park Rose Garden

The Exposition Rose Garden has been called one of the city’s “best-kept secrets”. This gorgeous 7-acre sunken garden is found in Exposition Park, and is absolutely perfect for your quinceañera photoshoot if you love roses and a fairytale setting. Photo via ronlevyphotography.com

Quinceañera Photoshoot Spots Los Angeles - Venice Canals

Venice Beach Canals

Venice Beach is knowng for being a highly-energetic, busy place. But close by, away from all that noise, are the Venice Canals. These canals are surrounded by beautiful bridges, bursts of floral color, and scenery that provides a gorgeous backdrop for quinceañera photoshoots.

Best Spots For Your Quinceañera Photo Shoot - The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore

Are you a bookworm? Or perhaps you just love the whimsical setting of downtown L.A.’s The Last Bookstore, where books are used as eye-popping sculptures. If you want your quinceañera photoshoot to feel something like Alice in Wonderland, consider this hotspot. Photo via linandjirsa.com

And of course, if you find a great Los Angeles event venue for your party, there will be plenty of great areas inside for a quinceañera photoshoot as well. A stunning backdrop like ours at Hollywood Banquet Hall will look incredible on your big day! And remember, your quince photos are just PART of the occasion. We make sure that every aspect of your party will go perfectly, from the music to the food to the photos! For more information about our quinceañera events at Hollywood Banquet Hall, please feel free to contact us!