One of the very sweetest wedding events that you’ll have is your engagement party. Why? Because it will be the very first of many events, and probably the one where you’re the most excited (except, of course, for the actual wedding). You will still be in the glow of the engagement, surrounded by happiness.

But what exactly should you expect from an engagement party? At Hollywood Banquet Hall, we’ve seen many of these events, and how people behave at them. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you head your very own engagement party.

You Will Be Asked About Your Engagement Story…A Lot

Of course, this is the number one thing that everyone will want to know. In fact, you may want to tell the story to everyone at once, after everyone has arrived. However, even if you do this, don’t be surprised if your friends and family still want to hear the story told straight from you to them. Enjoy this! Everyone is excited for you.

Engagement Party - Proposal Story - Man Proposing To Woman On Beach

All Of Your Guests Will Want To Talk To You

Some people can begin to feel suffocated or exhausted after chit-chatting for awhile. However, everyone who you have invited to your engagement party is going to want to talk to you. If you feel like you’ll become overwhelmed with all the conversations, plan for it. Schedule mini-breaks for yourself during the event where you close yourself inside a room for five minutes at a time, then return to your guests. It is important to at least greet everyone present.

Engagement Party - Guests Toasting With Wine Glasses

You’ll Receive Gifts, Even Though It’s Sort Of A No-No

The appropriate time and place for wedding-related gifts is the shower or the actual wedding. An engagement party is not for gifts, so many couples choose to state this on the party invitation. This is a great idea, because when some guests arrive empty-handed, they may feel awkward if there’s a “gift area” or if they spot gifts somewhere.

Engagement Party - Gift Box

The best thing to do (after stating “no gifts” on the invite) is to designate a private area where any gifts that are given can be stashed. And certainly do not open gifts during the party.

Everyone Will Ask About Your Wedding Plans

When’s the date? Where are you getting married? Who’s going to marry you? What is your color palette? Who’s doing your flowers/photos/cake/catering? Where are you getting your dress?

Get ready to be asked a LOT of questions about the wedding planning. You may not have ready answers, since engagement parties typically occur within just a few weeks or months of the proposal. This is completely fine, so don’t feel like you have to have answers ready.

Engagement Party - Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement parties, just remember it’s about celebrating the love between you and your partner. Your family and friends will be very excited to celebrate your announcement, so try not to get irritated when the tenth person in a row asks you about what DJ you’ll be having. Simply smile and tell them what you know so far. Allowing those closest to you to be excited for and with you is one of the absolute best elements of your engagement—so be grateful for it!

And if you’re still looking for a fantastic engagement party venue in Los Angeles, check out our space at Hollywood Banquet Hall, or contact us for more information!