One of the most exciting parts about planning your wedding is researching places to go for your honeymoon. There are so many beautiful and exotic locations around the world for you and your loved one to visit together. A honeymoon is a time to both get out and explore, as well as to have some relaxing alone time with each other. You’ve spent the last year stressing about the big day, whether it was finding a wedding venue, making the guest list, selecting your bridesmaids, and every other stressful decision that goes into a wedding. Now it’s time to enjoy some much-needed time with your lifelong partner. Here are five incredible honeymoon destinations to help with your honeymoon decision-making.

tahiti- wedding destinations

1. Tahiti

People don’t often think about Tahiti when it comes to romantic getaways. However, this French Polynesian island offers just as much romanticism as any of the other islands in the area. The island is surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean and offers forests, miles of beach coastline, and incredible resorts.

How To Save Money In Tahiti

Tahiti can be quite expensive. After all, it’s an island in the middle of nowhere. Travelers can expect high prices, although this isn’t too unusual for a tourist location. If you want to save a little money in Tahiti, visit the local supermarkets to buy food. You can purchase breakfast foods as well as snacks, and save money to go for nice dinners in the evenings.

The Best Times To Visit

It’s going to be hot all year round, but certain months offer more balmy weather than others. The optimal time to visit will be between May and October, when it’s less hot and sticky.


Considering it’s an island, you can expect seafood to be in abundance on all the menus in Tahiti. Here you’re going to get some of the freshest seafood in the world. Some of the more popular fish items on the menu include mahi mahi, tuna, and grouper. The national dish is Poisson Cru.

Getting Around

If you’re planning on being in the capital city of Papeete, there are plenty of taxis and buses to take you around. However, if you’re planning on visiting the entire island, it’s likely best to rent a car. Overall, all the transportation options should get you to wherever you need to go in Tahiti.

Amalfi Coast - honeymoon destinations

2. The Amalfi Coast In Italy

Why not make your way to the gorgeous Amalfi Coast in Italy? Surrounded by the bluest of waters, beautiful olive trees, and vast wine vineyards, this is one of the most picturesque honeymoon destinations in the world. The sky-high cliffs, coastline, and greenery will take your breath away as you enjoy a romantic getaway in the Campania region of Italy.

How To Save Money In The Amalfi Coast

The coast can get quite expensive as it’s an extremely popular tourist destination. If you want to save money, see if you can avoid the summer months. With the influx of visitors, hotels can get pricey during this time of the year, as it’s one of the more popular honeymoon destinations.

Best Times To Visit

The two best times to visit during the year are spring and fall. May and September are the two best months, which still offer very comfortable weather and smaller crowds. The summer is extremely popular here, and as a result, can get crowded and expensive. In May you can expect it to be around the high 70s, and in September it hovers around the low 80s.


Similar to Tahiti, there is plenty of seafood in the Amalfi Coast. However, you’re also going to be able to eat as much pasta and pizza as you’d like. The dining in the area is generally more upscale, so it can get a little costly. You may want to try and find some local grocery stores for breakfast and snacks, and save your budget for dinner.

Getting Around

The best way to travel up and down the Amalfi Coast will be to rent a car. There’s 34-miles of coastline to explore, and along the coastline it’s filled with small towns. Once you’re in the town, walking is your best bet.

Bali - honeymoon destinations

3. Bali

If you haven’t been to the southeast, then Bali should definitely be on your shortlist of honeymoon destinations. Bali is one of 13,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. This island offers both beachfront resorts as well as immense and fascinating history. You won’t be let down if you decide to travel here for your honeymoon as you can relax, learn a history lesson with all the incredible temples, and be adventurous while hiking Mount Batur—an active volcano in Kintamani!

How To Save Money In Bali

As with other tourist islands or honeymoon destinations, Bali can be quite expensive. One way to save money will be to head to the town of Kuta, which is close by. You’ll be able to do much of your souvenir shopping as well as booking massages and spas, all for a cheaper price than in Bali.

Best Times To Visit

You’ll want to head to Bali between April and October, when it’s much less rainy. The weather consistently stays between the mid-80s and low-90s all year long. The difference is the amount of precipitation drastically falls during April and October.


Much of the food in Bali is spicy, so definitely be prepared for that! The food here is influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisines, so you’ll get a heavy dose of rice, vegetables, meat, and fish. You’ll also definitely want to try babi guling, which is tender roasted pork. This is one of the most popular dishes in Bali.

Getting Around

We absolutely suggest renting a bike in Bali. This is a great way to get around the local area. Do be aware, however, that some of the traffic can be chaotic. Weaving in and around traffic is common to see, so just be careful! You can also hire a driver to get you around town. This is a great option as you don’t have to worry about parking yourself. Neighboring islands are also just a quick ferry ride over. We suggest checking out the other islands as well.

Vancouver - honeymoon destinations

4. Vancouver

This one is less exotic than the others, but still an absolutely breathtaking place to visit. Vancouver is on the west coast of Canada, and offers some of the most beautiful greenery in the world. Vancouver is the third most populace city in Canada behind Montreal and Toronto. If hiking and seeing beautiful landscapes is your idea of a great honeymoon destination, then Vancouver should make your short list.

If you’re looking for some adventure, visiting the Capistrano Suspension Bridge is one of the more popular things to do in Vancouver.

How To Save Money In Vancouver

Compared to other honeymoon destinations in our list, Vancouver is quite tame in price. One way to save money is to take advantage of its extensive public transportation system. For $10 a day, you can use the bus, train, and ferry system as many times as you want. It’s an absolute steal.

Best Times To Visit

You’ll want to visit between March and May, as well as September to November. It’s fairly rainy all year long, so it’s hard to avoid the rain unless you visit dead in the middle of summer. From March to May, you can expect it to be between the low-50s and low-60s. From September to November, the weather ranges from high-40s to mid-60s. If a colder climate isn’t what you’re looking for, you may want to leave Vancouver off of your shortlist of honeymoon destinations.


Considering it’s right beside the Pacific Ocean, you’re going to get some extremely fresh seafood in Vancouver. The city is slowly becoming one of the great food destinations in North America, as many young chefs are heading there to open up restaurants. You can find both moderately-priced food as well as high-end restaurants. Vancouver has a little bit of everything for its visitors!

Getting Around

As mentioned earlier, Vancouver has an extensive public transportation system. You’ll be able to hop between bus, train, and ferry, all with the same ticket—and all for just $10 a day. Use Google Maps on your phone to map out destinations and you’ll get up-to-the-minute notifications on when buses, trains, or ferries are scheduled to arrive.

Galapagos Islands - honeymoon destinations

5. Galapagos Islands

If you’re looking for adventurous honeymoon destinations, look no further than the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos archipelago consists of 120 isolated islands which are 563-miles west of Ecuador. The islands are extremely biodiverse, and the overwhelming majority of the animals are native only to these islands.

How To Save Money On The Galapagos Islands

Try and visit during the offseason which is between October, November, and February through May. Many of the attractions (as well as cruises) will offer some heavy discounts, making it a much more affordable honeymoon destination. There are also plenty of free attractions on the various islands. Take advantage of these!

Best Times To Visit

The best times in terms of temperature is between December to May. You can expect the temperature in these months to hover between the low-70s to mid-80s.


For restaurants, you’re going to want to visit Puerto Ayora, Puerto Villamil, and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Like most suggestions on this list, much of the food here is the fresh seafood from the area. You will find many Ecuadorian-influenced dishes with ingredients such as rice, yucca, and plantains.

Getting Around

You’re pretty much going to need to travel by boat exclusively around the various islands. You can book boat tours in advance to take you to the various islands that you’ll want to see. Do be aware, however, that some of these boat tours and cruises can be pricey.

Honeymoon Destinations: Conclusion

There are so many places to go and see in this world. The  most important thing though is that you get to spend time with your new husband or wife. Make sure when you’re thinking about some of these honeymoon destinations that you book well in advance so you can choose the best time for your trip, and hopefully find some great discounts!