Congratulations on getting engaged! This should be a fantastic time for you and your soon-t0-be spouse. Now it’s time to get started on the wedding planning process. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it. Along the way, there are some tools to use that will definitely help the wedding planning process go much more smoothly than it would if you were doing it on your own. At Hollywood Banquet Hall, we’ve seen our couples using many different wedding planning apps and websites. To make your life a little easier during the planning process, here’s our list of the best wedding apps and websites.

1. WeddingHappy

best wedding apps

WeddingHappy is one of the most innovative wedding apps available. Note that there are some in-app purchases; however, these costs are minimal when you realize what a great tool this is.

WeddingHappy makes our list of best wedding apps because of its method. It asks for your wedding date, and then builds you a schedule backwards from then, giving you a checklist of important dates in which you should have specific tasks finished by.

The app also includes payment tracking and a “spending summary” section so that you know exactly what you’ve paid and what’s left to take care of. That in itself is a lifesaver.

WeddingHappy is available on both iPhone as well as Android phones.

2. Wedding Lookbook By The Knot

best wedding apps - wedding lookbook

If you’re looking for an all-in-one wedding app to simply do some browsing, Wedding Lookbook by The Knot gives you the ability to check out everything from rings to dresses to accessories.

This app alone should give you dozens of inspirational ideas to incorporate in your wedding. As far as tools go, this is one of the best wedding apps that we recommend.

Wedding Lookbook is available on both iPhone as well as Android phones.

3. Wedding Planner By The Knot

wedding planner by the knot - best wedding apps

And if you’re looking for an all-in-one wedding app for vendors, it doesn’t get much better than Wedding Planner, also by The Knot.

This app will do everything from helping you find your perfect wedding venue to helping budget and plan your entire wedding. You can even contact over 250,000 different vendors straight through the app.

Wedding Planner is available on both iPhone as well as Android phones.

4. My Pantone

my pantone - best wedding appsComing up with your color palette for your wedding can be extremely difficult. With My Pantone, you can take a picture of any color you see, and the app will identify it for you as well as give you a list of colors and tones that match it.

Maybe you spotted some incredible autumn colors while you were taking a walk through the park. If you have My Pantone, you can snap a picture and save those colors in your color library. BOOM! You may have just found your wedding palette on your walk!

Anything to do with colors, My Pantone has. As far as creating your color palette, this is the best wedding app available. It isn’t free, but the cost is well worth the investment to get the perfect colors going for your wedding.

My Pantone is only available on Android phones.

5. Pinterest

pinterest - best wedding apps

Everyone will agree that Pinterest has gained a reputation for being one of the absolute best websites to use for wedding inspiration for your big day. It’s a match made in heaven between couples and every aspect of wedding planning, from cakes to décor to attire to venues.

You can honestly get lost for hours going through pictures on Pinterest. This site definitely needs to be bookmarked on your phone or computer, as the ideas it gives you could help shape your entire wedding.

6. AllSeated

Whether you’re planning your wedding or any other type of event, is one of the best websites for floor planning that we’ve seen—and it’s free to make an account.

So how does it work? Simply find out the dimensions of your venue, plug them into the website, then get started by adding tables, names, and everything in between. AllSeated even has a comprehensive list of table styles that you can browse through to add the exact style of table you want to your floor plan.

This site is amazingly handy when you’re creating your wedding seating plan, helping to tackle the frustrating decisions of who sits where.


Planning a wedding often stressful, so why not make life just a little easier with a few of the best wedding apps? There are so many small details to go through that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. With some of the amazing wedding apps available, you can keep track—in detail—of all your spending and progress you’ve made in your planning. Good luck, and have fun!