As one of the best event spaces in Los Angeles, we at Hollywood Banquet Hall see a lot of incredible birthday parties. And over the years, we’ve seen it all when it comes to birthday party favors. We’ve seen the best (see below) and the very worst (kazoos, Play-Doh, sea monkeys), and we promise that there are perfect birthday party favors that kids will love.

If you’re planning an upcoming birthday party and are struggling to come up with good ideas for this, here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

Stuffed Animals In A Decorative Box As Adopt A Pet Birthday Party Favors
Image: Kara’s Party Ideas

Adopt A “Pet”

A very popular party favor trend, “adopt a pet” is when the favors are a variety of stuffed animals that the guests can select from. You can get very inexpensive, small stuffed animals from a local dollar store, print up “birth certificates” for them that the kids will get to keep, and allow them to be “adopted” by the guests. This party favor combines their love of animals, toys, and feeling grown-up.

Colorful Light Up Glasses As Birthday Party Favors
Image: DH Gate

Light-Up Glasses

A bunch of kids running around in light-up glasses is pretty adorable. They also make great photo ops, and the kids will love them. Mix it up and get different colors and patterns, or stick with one central kind to match the theme of the party.

White Piggy Banks In A Crate As Birthday Party Favors
Image: Kate Aspen

Mini Piggy Banks

The great thing about piggy banks is that they come in all styles, colors, and shapes. They don’t even really have to be piggies! Kids will love this favor because it will help them feel grown-up and responsible for any money they get. You can also buy them in bulk very affordably.

Old Fashioned Classic Card Games for Kids As Birthday Party Favors
Image: Think Fun

Small Games

One of the best party favors you can provide, small games such as UNO cards, Mad Libs, and Go Fish will provide at-home entertainment for party guests for years. They are simple to learn and very fun!

Bathtub Toy Dolls With Stick On Clothing As Birthday Party Favors
Image: Meadow Kids

Cool Bath Toys

This may sound lame at first, but if bath toys are done right, they’re great. Something like Meadow Kids Dress Up Bath Time Stickers or Teach My Preschooler Spelling Toy are perfect for bathtime, and do indeed make great party favors—especially if the party theme has something to do with the beach or swimming.

Brightly Colored Neon Mini Slinkys As Birthday Party Favors
Image: Full Moon Toys


This may sound almost too simple, but kids love Slinkys, and you can find them fairly cheap online. You can mix it up and get different colors and patterns, or you can keep them all one color to match the party theme. A classic.

Gingerbread Cake Mix In A Baggie As Birthday Party Favor
Image: Today’s Creative Life

Bake-At-Home Mix

A beautifully presented dry mix for at-home baking makes a lovely party favor that can be turned into a family activity at home. Just be mindful of food allergies and restrictions so that everyone can enjoy this favor. You can select a healthy option for cookies, brownies, or cake. Also be sure to include detailed, clear instructions on each bag of mix.

Assorted Superhero Capes Hanging On A Fence - Birthday Party Favors
Image: AliExpress


Everyone gets to be a superhero! You can get as creative as you want with these. Buy all the same color for everyone, or provide different colors and patterns for everyone to choose from. You can also use fabric paint to write the guests’ names on their capes and personalize them.

Little Girl With A Fake Mustache - Birthday Party Favors
Image: Reddit

Fake Mustaches

Another great party favor for photo ops, fake mustaches look so funny on kids, and are very affordable if you buy them in bulk. If you’re hunting for a fun birthday party favor that the kids will love and won’t break the bank, this is a great option.


Disney Little Golden Books With Bows As Birthday Party Favors
Image: Pinterest

Little Golden Books

This is a particularly great party favor. Choose old classics, add a ribbon, and send kids off with something amazing to read. This concept is ideal for parties that are themed around fairy tales, princesses, stories, or Disney.


Remember, kids are always excited to have something new to bring home. Whether you decide to go the DIY route or construct an elaborate goody bag full of different treats, party favors aren’t something you should stress about. The important thing to remember is to consider the other parents. This just means nothing too noisy, messy, unhealthy…or alive.

If you’re on the hunt for a fantastic event space in Los Angeles, consider Hollywood Banquet Hall. Not only do we provide the perfect venue for birthday parties—we also know the in’s and out’s of party planning. To learn more about our pricing and availability, contact us.