Event Planning Checklist

If you’ve taken on the responsibility of planning your own wedding, a friend or family member’s birthday party, or an important corporate event for your company or NPO, chances are you’re either a) extremely organized, or b) running around like a maniac trying to coordinate 1000 different things with 100 different people. If you happen to be one of the latter, fear not; Hollywood Banquet Hall has put together a checklist of often-forgotten event planning items to make sure you have all your bases covered.


If your event invitations don’t have a section for guests to specify their allergies or dietary preferences, don’t forget to order at least one or two dishes that don’t contain any nuts, are vegan, or are gluten-free. Also, don’t forget to pick up snacks, or even lunch, for your event’s staff members or volunteers to keep spirits (and blood sugar levels) high!


Posting a tangible, written schedule around the event venue, as well as emailing one to all involved parties, will help get everyone on the same page and keep all the event’s moving parts running smoothly. Speaking of moving, if you’re wedding reception, party, or banquet involves transporting heavy goods, be sure to reserve a dolly or hand-cart from your local U-Haul center, and remember to always lift from you knees!

Name Tags

For networking events, galas, and business conferences, name tags are a helpful way for attendees to know who is speaking and negates the need for guests to remember everyone they meet. If you want to get fancy, print out personalized name tags and hand them out when people arrive; otherwise, a few packs of “Hello, my name is ___” stickers and some sharpies will works just fine.


Almost everything requires a permit these days, including playing music or serving alcohol at your next party or corporate event. Many venues will have the necessary paperwork on file, but if not, you may need to wade through the process of submitting and application for something as simple as spinning the new Adele record while your guests eat Hors D’Oeuvres.

Emergency Kit

Often, it’s the simplest things – like a pencil or a band aid – that seem to disappear when you need them the most. To keep a small hiccup from turning into a full-blown disaster, pack the following things in an emergency kit and keep them close by:

  • Scissors
  • Pens or Pencils
  • Masking/Scotch Tape
  • Notepad
  • Band Aids & Other First Aid Necessities
  • Clorox Pen
  • Ibuprofen
  • Tampons
  • Portable Phone Charger

Wi-Fi Password

Ask the venue, restaurant, or conference center for the Wi-Fi Password, then share it will everyone in attendance. Keeping guests connected is vital for generating buzz on social networks and allows participants to access important information online.