The festivities, the celebration, and the dancing can make any wedding guest hungry for the occasion. When I was didn’t know the bride and groom that well I was definitely still in it for the wedding food being served that day. Like catering events in general, choosing the right wedding catering service for your big day can determine how the whole night might go.

As you plan out your wedding, think about the cost per person and food catering expenses. Keeping these points in mind can make sure you don’t go over your proposed budget.

Wedding Catering Service in Banquet Hall

Here at Hollywood Banquet Hall, we offer a variety of catering services that are perfect for your specific wedding celebration. We’ll make sure to work with you every step of the way so you can focus on the night ahead. Our team of culinary chefs along with our beautiful kitchen will cook up delicious dishes for every guest and have them feeling satisfied.

What are the Types of Wedding Catering Services?

Buffet Style

Buffet Wedding Catering Service

If you have a large wedding with and want people to be fed in a quick and easy manner, think about doing a buffet style. This is the perfect dining option to feed hundreds of guests efficiently and quickly. If some guests don’t like some options, they can simply not choose to get the course. It’s also available for guests to go back for seconds if they are still hungry.

Hors D’oeuvres

Burgers Wedding Catering Service

This elegant catering service for your wedding will feed your guests as they catch up and connect with their family members and friends. These dishes are usually appetizer type choices that can be served both warm and cold. These are usually severed once the guests arrive to reception or during fun times like the cocktail hour. To end, if you want it served in a standing room setting that can available too.

Fine Dining 

Seared Scallops Fine Dining Wedding Catering Service

If you want to have elegance to surround your wedding, look no further than fine dining. This catering service focuses more on the quality of the food rather than quantity. Have your guests dine in and enjoy some great quality food as your wedding processions are going underway.

Family Style

Family Style Wedding Catering Service

If buffets or fine dining were not your thing, a great medium would be family style dining. This type of catering style delivers food directly to guests table at the same time, and they can help determine their own portion sizes and selections. These dishes can be sent out all at once or during certain times of the wedding. Overall, your guests will not have to be waiting too long to get their food.

How do I know which Wedding Catering Service is right for me?

Choosing the right type of food service catering option can be determined by many factors. Every wedding can be different depending on location, theme, culture, wedding menu, and overall theme. However, they can also be similar in many ways. Here are some of the characteristics you should look into for your wedding.

Amount of Guests at Your Wedding 

Cheers at Wedding

The amount of people you have to feed or how large the guest count is can mean the best wedding catering service for your wedding. If your wedding has over 200 people in attendance, having a fine dining experience might not be the best option. For such a high amount of people, you want the process of feeding everyone to go as smoothly as possible.

The Options Your Banquet Hall Offers

Some of the best banquet halls offer discounted rates if you choose to order your food through their services. Talk to your banquet hall to find out what full service catering offers they have in place so you can get the best bang for your buck for your full service wedding. Having a fully operational kitchen during your wedding reception is great since there will be great food prepared fresh.

Friend and Family Recommendations

Family at wedding taking a picture together

If you had recently married friends or family, don’t be afraid to ask what they would recommend to have for your wedding catering service. In addition, some former bride and grooms might have had nightmare experiences that they regret on their wedding day. The more information you take in, the more confident you will be on choosing the perfect wedding catering service.

The Benefits of Having a Great Wedding Catering Service

1.   It Helps Elevate Your Wedding Themes

Wedding Theme Pink Chairs

A wedding theme can be more than just the type of colors and decorations that you use. Choosing the right type of catering service for your dream day can help connect the theme to your wedding. If you have a wedding theme that is more family oriented, a family buffet would be the perfect fit for that theme. It’s a detail that should not be overlooked and can help create a better atmosphere. Whether your in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, or a few months before, elevating your wedding is always great.

2.   It Shows Off Your Personality

When you have a wedding catering service, it can show off the personality you have. A great example for this would be that would be your favorite food and how you interact with people. Think about it for a second. If you choose to have a fine dining experience for your wedding, that tells your guests that you prefer for them having top quality food. In contrast, a buffet style shows that you care more about your guests not leaving hungry for the rest of the day.

3.   It Accommodates Your Culture

Indian Wedding Couple

The way we eat can come from the culture that we practice. An option you have for your special day is to showcase that cultural hospitality of sharing food. Some banquet halls can accommodate to the different styles of your culture how you want your food to be presented. Remember to bring this topic up to your wedding planner so your special day goes exactly like you envisioned it.

4.   It Shows the Amount of Thought and Preparation

To start, it takes months to plan out your wedding and that includes getting your menu and catering service right. Make sure the months of preparation and decisions lead to a decision that you and your guests will be proud off. You need to think about the catering cost and the food and drinks to be served. The more prepared you are, the smoother your wedding day will be.

5.   Organizes Your Wedding Night

Wedding Planner

If you plan your special wedding night correctly, you would get a sense that everything is going to plan and you can focus on what’s important to you. As the day goes on, your people and you’re the flow of your wedding will be clear-cut.


Never have your guests leaving your wedding hungry. Wedding planning takes months to plan out so make sure to be considerate.

Having the perfect wedding day means more than it looking pretty in pictures. For instance, the style of catering service you choose plays a role in how successful you want the day to go. From helping organize the night to showing off the personality, your catering service can make the difference.