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Some families simply can’t wait until their daughter’s quinceañera to celebrate her birthday in a BIG way! The perfect cincoanera dress, loved ones, and some careful planning can equal one of the best moments of her (and your) life!

The Catholic church already has a ceremony for presenting children that usually takes place when they are around the age of three. Many families want to celebrate this event, and end up combining it with their daughter’s 5th birthday. Thus the cincoanera was born!

How Is A Cincoanera Different Than A Quinceañera?

A cincoanera is a lot like a quinceañera, only the birthday girl is five years old instead of fifteen.

The religious ceremony is also different, as typically the church presents a group of children together when they are younger, and a quinceañera religious ceremony is for one individual girl.

As far as the party goes: while some parents do go “all out” for a cincoanera, most of the time it’s more low-key than a full-blown quinceañera. Parents will often forgo booking entertainment or spending a lot on décor, as many cincoaneras don’t have a theme, and do not require entertainment. However, this is a decision that is left up to each specific family.

One thing that you’ll probably want for the cincoanera is the dancing: a waltz, perhaps a father-daughter dance, and then a surprise dance. Often the highlight of the event, these dances are nothing short of adorable, and make wonderful photos and memories.

Don’t feel pressured to have your daughter do three dances. She can do one, two, or all three — but there are no rules. It will be up to what you feel is best.

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How To Plan A Cincoanera

If this is your first time planning a cincoanera, congratulations! Just like planning any event, it’s best to take things step by step. Here’s a basic rundown of what you should do:

  • Schedule the date for the religious presentation and the celebration.
  • Make a guest list for the event.
  • Find and book your party venue.
  • Find the perfect cincoanera dress for your little princess. Tip: make sure she likes it before you buy it!
  • If you’re going to have any choreographed dances, as quinceañera celebrations do, go ahead and book a choreographer and begin scheduling lessons/rehearsals.
  • If you’ll be having a theme, begin coming up with ideas for décor.
  • Speak to your venue manager about catering. If they do not offer this service, you’ll need to find and book a good caterer.

 One of the best parts for parents about throwing a cincoanera is that they get to see their sweet five-year-old dancing in a beautiful “big girl” dress. The photos and video footage of the little cincoanera dancing around with her court and loved ones will be fun to re-watch for years to come.

But it’s important to find just the right cincoanera dress. Make sure that your daughter tries it on first, or else you may spend a lot of money on a cincoanera dress that she refuses to wear!

Take a look at these cincoanera dresses for some inspiration!

Customize The Cincoanera To Your Tastes

You may want to have the religious portion of the cincoanera on the same day as the celebration, or you may want to hold them separately.

You also may or may not want to give your daughter her own “court”. When it comes to a quinceañera, the birthday girl gets a corte de honor — fourteen friends who join in with the portraits, dances, and other duties. For your cincoanera, you may want to consider your daughter getting a court, too: five boys and five girls, or just five members total. (Sometimes her court is made up of adults, such as mommy and daddy’s friends or professional dancers, to help make the dance choreography easier.)

Having a cincoanera court makes the dances extra cute and fun, but there’s no concrete rule about having to have them.

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