Holiday Party Ideas from Hollywood Banquet Hall

Holiday parties can be a phenomenal way to celebrate a successful business year or bring your team together, but only if the party is fun and your employees have a good time. To save your holiday party from falling victim to the same old boring “let’s decorate our cubicles and play the White Elephant gift-giving game for three hours,” here are a number of creative ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of year outside of the office!

Host Your Party in an Upscale Event Venue

Delicious catering, expansive dance floors, in-house bartenders, cool LED lighting – most high-end banquet halls have everything you need to celebrate the Holiday season in style. Better still, many luxury event venues come with their own event coordinators, meaning that you can devote more time to organizing games and team-building contests and less time time trying to figure out what food to serve and what music to play!

Take Your Employees Ice Skating in the Park

If your employees enjoy the great outdoors, consider taking the office to an outdoor skating rink to celebrate. Most major cities have at least one rink (Los Angeles has multiple outdoor rinks, in fact!), and ice skating helps promote team-building by encouraging those who already know how to skate to teach those who don’t. Don’t forget to bring the hot chocolate!

Build Appreciation For Rural America on a Dude Ranch

Nothing solidifies a team like riding horses through the beautiful wilderness, then sharing some down-home cooking on an open fire while millions of stars twinkle overhead. The dude ranch experience may not be for everyone, but for those companies that choose this adventurous outing, we guarantee their employees will talk of the experience for years to come.

Celebrate With a Cookie Making/Decorating Party

Just because your company can’t afford an extravagant event doesn’t mean your holiday celebration can’t be fun. If you happen to have a limited budget or small team, convene at someone’s house for a classic cookie-making party, complete with contests for “best cookie” and lots of eggnog to go around!

For more inspiring Holiday party ideas, or to find out how to host your next Holiday event at Hollywood Banquet Hall, contact us today for reservation information!