Bachelorette Party Ideas - Sleepover

Let’s face it: male strippers at a bachelorette party are not every girl’s cup of tea. In fact, about 52% of brides-to-be report that they prefer not to have a stripper-centric bachelorette party. So in this case, what are some other great bachelorette party ideas for a fun and memorable time for the lovely bride-to-be?

A Spa Day

Or, at the very least, mani/pedis! The bachelorette party budget may not allow for an entire spa day, but manicures should be feasible. And let’s not forget the best part of mani/pedis is getting to sit and chat with good friends.

A Nice Dinner

As in, a really nice dinner. All the girls should get dressed up and head to the bride-to-be’s favorite high-end restaurant. Drink, dine, and dish…and then go back to someone’s house and watch a movie.

Bowling Party

Bowling is just a suggestion. The sport can be anything that the bride-to-be is into: kayaking, rock climbing, kickboxing. Bowling seems to be a safe bet that everyone will enjoy.


…Or even “glamping”. Maybe grab all the girls and spend a couple nights roughing it (or not so much) outdoors. Swimming, hiking, lots of photo snapping: sounds great, right? Camping is a bachelorette party idea that can really bring everyone together.

Cooking Class

Many brides-to-be choose (or their maid of honor chooses) to have a cooking class bachelorette party. Booking a professional to come to the house and give a gourmet cooking lesson is much appreciated and becoming very trendy.

Beach Getaway

Maybe if camping isn’t the group’s cup of tea, the beach is! Rent a cute Airbnb or maybe a fancy hotel, and hit the sand together. A bachelorette weekend of nice restaurants and soaking up the sun may be just perfect.

Watch the video below for more “no stripper” bachelorette party ideas:

Slumber Party

A cute and popular bachelorette party idea, a slumber party will allow the bride-to-be and friends to party old school. Late-night movies and gossip, fun snacks (hello, s’mores and popcorn!), and playing with each other’s hair and makeup are a must.

Murder Mystery Game

Perhaps one of the most fun bachelorette party ideas! Doing a murder mystery bachelorette party is a blast! You get to dress up and play/solve the elaborate murder mystery game together. This is a creative and unique bachelorette party idea.

Comedy Club

A comedy club may sound simple, but with the right comics, it’s so much fun. Make sure to find a comedian that the bride-to-be likes—otherwise a bad comic could turn the evening sour.

Wine Tasting Or Fancy Tea

Both are great in their own ways! Wine tasting is obviously a fun idea, but if wine isn’t everyone’s thing, perhaps tea is. Getting all dolled up for a proper tea—along with tea snacks—might be lovely.

Pack A Picnic

Getting all the girls together, preparing delicious food, and packing it all up for a big picnic in a gorgeous spot could be the recipe for a truly outstanding bachelorette party.

Fortune Teller

Strippers aren’t the only ones who can provide entertainment at a bachelorette party. Many brides-to-be enjoy a fortune teller or psychic predicting everyone’s future. Whether it’s taken seriously or not, having a fortune teller can be a fun time.

No matter what bachelorette party ideas you come up with, the most important thing is to have fun together and make amazing memories for the bride-to-be. Or, if you’re the bride-to-be yourself and you’re looking for a Los Angeles wedding venue that’s perfect for you, take a look at what we have to offer at Hollywood Banquet Hall! And please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about availability, booking, or anything else. We look forward to hearing from you!