Professional Servers at Hollywood

At Hollywood Banquet Hall, we recognize that all the positive aspects of our event venue – the stunning ambiance, the delicious catering, the flexibility – would matter little without great customer service. To find out more about what makes our establishment one of the most popular banquet halls in Los Angeles, we asked servers, bartenders, kitchen staff, event coordinators, and other members of our team why they felt people love the service at Hollywood. Here’s what they had to say…

“We are friendly…”

Unsurprisingly, friendliness was one of the most popular responses, and for good reason. At Hollywood, we only hire personable, engaging individuals that feel comfortable speaking with strangers and who always wear a smile to work. Our staff genuinely enjoys making our guests happy; those cheerful faces are not just affectations!

“We are patient…”

Every good employee knows that patience is key to delivering outstanding customer service, and Hollywood’s staff is no exception. Our servers are always on hand to listen to our guests’ concerns and handle stressful situations calmly and professionally. When approached by a frustrated or upset patron, Hollywood servers, bartenders, and managers will exercise patience when solving the problem.

“We are attentive…”

Listening to what our customers truly want (even when they aren’t communicating their needs effectively) is one of our staff’s best attributes. This is especially important for our event coordinators, who must pay close attention to brides, businessmen, and family members to make sure every aspect of the client’s important event is exactly how they imagined it.

“We communicate clearly…”

Many event venues forget that communication is a two-way street, but not at Hollywood Banquet Hall. Our managers are adept at keeping patrons “in the loop” about their reservation status, scheduling conflicts, and any other situations that might affect the success of the event. Our service staff, too, is trained to give descriptive, straightforward answers to any questions you might ask.

“We are professional…”

Professionalism is one of the most important values at Hollywood, and all our employees adhere to strict guidelines regarding their looks, attire, behavior, and interaction with guests. Do you demand servers that will impress your guests with their poise, manners, and clean-cut appearance? If so, Hollywood Banquet Hall is the perfect place to host your next event.

“We can adapt to changes…”

Sometimes, something unexpected happens at an event that requires immediate action or a swift change of plans. Should your wedding receptions, corporate luncheon, anniversary, or Quinceanera experience such a “curveball,” Hollywood’s staff is well-equipped to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your party will continue on as planned.