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Follow These Tips For Great Wedding Photos!

You’ve spent months — or in some cases, years — researching wedding venues with the great lighting, coordinating outfits and color palettes that perfectly match, and hiring the best wedding photographer money can buy, only to have the shot of your first kiss obscured by an overzealous aunt flinging herself into the aisle, trying to capture the moment on her disposable camera. To prevent this, and other, wedding photo mishaps from occurring, the planners at Hollywood Banquet Hall spoke to professional wedding photographers to get their advice on how to keep your pictures looking perfect.

Remove All Brands and Logos

Unless it directly relates to the shot — say, for instance, that you and your bridesmaids always drink Starbucks lattes in the morning, and you want to get a shot of the group holding their beverages — keep brand names, logos, and writing (when possible) out of your photographs. After all, you don’t want your wedding photos to look like an advertisement.

Keep Guests Out of the Aisle

Now that smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, more and more professional photos are being ruined by amateur photographers leaning into the aisle to try and snap a blurry shot of the bride to Instagram. Though it may sound harsh, telling your guests that phones aren’t allowed at the ceremony is a great way to ensure that your professional photographers and videographers get the shots they need without interference.

Be Mindful of Music Equipment

Speakers, poles, and microphone stands may be necessary for guests to hear what’s happening during the wedding ceremony, but these objects also destroy the whimsical, magical, or reverent environment most couples are trying to create. When setting up your sound equipment, try to push speakers as far away from the alter as possible, and if a microphone stand is used during the ceremony, ask one of the groomsmen or users to remove it when no one is speaking.

Let Your Photographer Get First Crack at the Reception Are

Purses thrown on tables, coats hung over chairs, lipstick-smudged glasses littered about—once guests enter the reception space, there is little hope of getting a photo of what everything looked like in its pristine glory. To capture the beauty of your reception area before your attendees destroy it, be sure your wedding photographer and videographer have a few minutes in the banquet hall.

Make Sure Your Photographer and Videographer Get Along

When shooting weddings, there is usually a bit of jostling between photographer and videographer for the perfect shot, and if the two aren’t accustomed to working together, you might end up with a lot of pictures with a camera-toting professional in the background. To make sure your photographer and videographer are on the same page, ask for referrals—often, photographers have friends or business connections they prefer working with, and your photos will be better for hiring a “team” rather than two or three headstrong individuals.

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