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Though it may not seem all that important (especially if you’re a groom-to-be who doesn’t understand the difference between “champagne,” “cloud,” and “porcelain”), choosing the right wedding colors is crucial for setting the right tone, portraying your personality, and just looking good. To make sure your wedding palette is perfect for your occasion, Hollywood Banquet Hall asked some for designers in the industry for their professional advice. Here’s what they said:

Don’t Forget To Consider The Colors of Your Wedding Venue

Though the best wedding venues can do a lot to change their overall appearance–covering walls with white drapes, for instance, or adjusting the colors of their LED lights–couples should keep the colors of their venue in mind, especially if the event space uses rich colors like reds, oranges, and purples. Instead of trying to hide or fight the venue’s preexisting color scheme, most wedding professionals recommend choosing colors that compliment the banquet hall’s decor.

Choose Colors Based on Trends & Not on Personal Preference

Just because a particular color or tone is in style doesn’t mean you MUST incorporate it into your wedding day colors. Often, it’s better to ignore the Pinterest boards and go with colors that compliment your personality and preferences. After all, trends come and go–you don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and regret choosing a certain shade only because the bridal magazines told you it was “all the rage.”

Avoid “Unnatural” Wedding Colors

While a pop of neon here and there can really spice up your wedding palette, avoid making “electric blue” or “hot pink” your primary or secondary wedding color. The more “unnatural” color you include in your decor, flowers, and dresses, the more likely it is that these eye-catching items will clash with your palette’s more subdued earth-tones. When it comes to bold, less is more!

Don’t Use Too Many Colors!

Choose too many hues and your overall wedding look will seem disjointed, unless you’re shooting for that whole field of wildflowers, boho vibe, that is. Otherwise, Burton recommends committing to three colors max (plus one metallic) to ensure everything looks cohesive. “Use neutrals, such as whites, grays and beiges, if you’d like to keep things more low key color-wise.”

Be Daring!

While going “full neon” would be an obvious mistake, it’s also possible to err on the side of safety. Unless you want your wedding to look drab and conventional, don’t be afraid to get creative, edgy, and daring with your wedding day colors. For a color palette that will make your guests say “wow,” try mixing and matching colors that don’t usually go together, like peach and emerald or mint and violet.

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