There are endless wedding traditions to make each person feel special on their special day. Some traditions are still practiced, while others have long been forgotten. Nowadays blending wedding traditions of the bride and groom is what makes each wedding unique and memorable. Hollywood Banquet Hall has complied a list of a few wedding traditions from around the world. Though no matter what wedding tradition a bride and groom may practice, the only thing that truly matters is the love that is shared between the two.

Armenian Wedding

Before there can be a wedding, in Armenian tradition, the groom and his family must go to the bride’s house to formally ask her for her hand in marriage. This tradition is known as “khosk-Arnel.”At this meeting, both families are present and sometimes it includes their close friends as well. The groom’s family will generally take floral gifts and chocolates to the brides house.

Russian Wedding

Before a Russian wedding takes place, the groom goes to the bride’s parent’s house to ask for her hand. He has to offer money, presents, and even do dares like singing and dancing before her parents bring her out. Sometimes the parents will play tricks on the groom, such as bringing the wrong person out. The parents continue this game, asking for bigger ransom each time until they are happy with what the groom has given. Then finally the parents give the bride to the groom.

Chinese Wedding

Pass the tissue box! In China, there is a tradition where the bride is expected to cry for a month before her wedding. It is thought that crying at a wedding is a way to set off the happiness of the wedding via false sorrow. Her mother, grandmother, sister(s) and other female family and friends also join in for several days prior to the wedding.

Danish Wedding

During a Danish wedding reception, if the bride or the groom leaves the other’s side, the remaining spouse gets swarmed with kisses from the wedding party until their other half returns. So if you don’t want other woman to kiss your groom, you better stay by his side all night long!

Cuban Wedding

In a Cuban wedding, to have enough money for the honeymoon, the guests at the wedding do a money dance. Every man who dances with the bride pins money on your dress. Pinning money on the brides dress can be seen as a thank you for the privilege and as a contribution to the wedding expenses.

Indian Wedding

On the big day, the Indian bride and groom put flower garlands around each other’s necks in the “Var Mala Ceremony” to show that the bride has accepted the groom as her husband. How sweet!