5 Reasons To Have An Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies come in all different sizes and varieties. Considering the traditional joining of two families, many couples opt for big, extravagant weddings with hundreds of guests and huge reception parties. And while that might be fun, an intimate wedding ceremony can be even better.

The prospect of a small, intimate wedding might sound boring to some, but it actually offers a really unique experience compared to a huge ceremony. That’s why we at Hollywood Banquet Hall are here to run down a few reasons you should have an intimate wedding.

1) You Could Save Money

If you’ve ever attended or helped plan a wedding, then you probably know that the costs only increase as the guest list gets larger. But an intimate wedding ceremony means fewer guests, meaning you could save money with an intimate event. Alternately, if budget is less of an issue you could also get more bang for your buck by spending more on fewer guests.

2) More Time To Interact With Guests

Wedding day can be pretty stressful for the bride and groom, especially when every guest expects a little attention. You don’t want to snub any of your guests, but with a large wedding it can be pretty difficult to interact with everyone. Thankfully, an intimate wedding means more time to spend with  your guests. You won’t feel overwhelmed bouncing around between different friends and family, because there won’t be too many people there.

3) Easier Planning

Wedding planning is pretty daunting, and it’s even more difficult when you have to plan for tons of guests. Big weddings require finding vendors willing and able to provide for a huge number of people, which can be particularly difficult if you’re working on a budget. But an intimate wedding makes the planning process easier. You’ll be able to easily find vendors able to fit all your needs, and won’t be stressed about impressing a massive guest list.

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4) More Reception Venue Options

It can be pretty difficult for your standard event venue or banquet hall to fit a massive wedding reception. However, plenty of venues can fit a small number of guests. Holding an intimate wedding ceremony means you’ll have a huge selection of options for the wedding reception. From restaurants to luxurious banquet halls and even outdoor venues, intimate weddings mean no trouble finding the perfect location.

5) A More Memorable Experience

The biggest drawback of having a huge wedding is the potential for it to feel like an impersonal affair. Big weddings can almost feel like a high school dance, with different groups of guests separating into different cliques and failing to interact with each other. But an intimate wedding forces your guests to interact with each other, helping them create lifelong memories along the way.

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life. And having an intimate wedding ceremony will ensure that you and your guests make some lifelong memories. If you’re looking for an intimate wedding venue in Los Angeles, you should consider Hollywood Banquet Hall. Our elegant venue can fit wedding parties of any size and budget, and our experienced team is ready to work with you to make your dream wedding a reality. Contact Hollywood Banquet Hall today for more information on our beautiful event venue.