You’ve been planning for your wedding for months. You have all the details down, and everything looks perfect in your head. Your bridesmaids have their dresses, and the groom—wait, there’s a groom?! In the midst of wedding planning, it can be easy to focus on everything else but your groom, as silly as it sounds. But he needs to look amazing, too. Tux shopping should happen about six months before the wedding, although, it can happen just a couple of months before the big day. Forward this article to your groom and help him avoid these top tux shopping mishaps.

Keeping Things Hush Hush

The truth is, guys, your bride-to-be does have some opinions and ideas when it comes to your attire for the wedding. And no, she hasn’t only considered what she’ll be wearing. After all, you will be standing beside her for just about every moment and you need to look just as good and you need to complement each other (okay, you need to complement her). Before you go out and pick a tux, discuss the options and your opinions with the bride. The tux will need to not only mesh well with the wedding colors and the bridesmaid dresses but it also needs to be appropriate for the style and formality of the wedding. You wouldn’t wear a classic, black tuxedo to a casual, barn wedding most likely. It will be so helpful to get your fiance’s opinion and she can help steer you in the right direction.

Being Closed Minded

There are many more options for you than simply walking into a chain tux and suit rental store in the mall. In today’s modern age, you can rent a tux right from home, online. There are many online men’s wear websites that make it easy to browse the various styles and input your measurements. You can have the tux or suit delivered right to your door, and then you should try it on immediately to allow plenty of time for any alterations you may need. Additionally, grooms don’t only have to look for the traditional wedding suit vendors for finding their outfit. Consider heading into your favorite clothing store to see if they carry formal wear. J. Crew has an entire wedding line for men and women, making it easy to find something you truly love that doesn’t look too-typical-wedding. They offer more modern, close-fitting garments to suit the grooms that don’t particularly like the baggy look from their prom days.

Forgetting About the Weather

You and your groomsmen will be dressed in pants, long sleeve shirts, and jackets. If you’re getting married in a hot climate in the summer, you should factor in the weather and your comfort level. Choosing a three-piece wool tuxedo for a sweltering summer wedding won’t be very relaxing for you, and you surely don’t want to be sweating bullets and trying not to faint in the heat during the I Do’s. For summer weddings, it’s best to look for light weight fabric like cotton or linen, and if it makes sense for the theme of the wedding, lighter colors.

Forgetting About the Groomsmen

Of course, you’re the main guy to be thinking about for your wedding day, but you shouldn’t completely forget about your groomsmen. It won’t help any of them or you for that matter if they’re scrambling to try on tuxes the day before the wedding. Give your guys plenty of time to get fitted and order their tux. This takes the pressure off of them to get it all done in a short amount of time because you have to realize that other people are busy too and have things going on in their lives.

Choosing the Wrong Style

It’s not just the ladies who have to be conscious of the style of their wedding day outfit and their body type; so do you! Tux styles from various designers will fit you differently, and it is best to try on a few styles to find the one that looks the best on your frame and that feels comfortable. If you’re a stocky guy, choosing a classic style will most likely work best for you with a lower button to help keep a slim fit. And taller, slender guys may want to look for a slim-fit tux with close fitting shoulders, sleeves, and pants. Besides body type, you’ll also want to look for a tux with the formality of your wedding in mind, as mentioned earlier. A formal black-tie wedding will require a full piece suit with dark colors like black or navy blue, or the classic white jacket and black pants. A less formal wedding may allow for a lighter colored suit without a vest.

It’s not just the bride who needs to look good and feel great on her wedding day. The groom also needs to take some extra time to choose the perfect suit or tux by following these tips.