If you’ve recently gotten engaged, chances are you have your date set for a spring wedding in 2020. Springtime is the most popular time of the year to get married, as the season represents new beginnings. There are other benefits as well: the weather is warming up, the trees are full again, and flowers are in full bloom.

And with a new season always comes fresh new colors. If you’re planning your wedding during the spring of 2020, here are some gorgeous spring wedding color palette ideas to give your special day a seasonal vibe.

Pink, White, And Orange

This is a dazzling trio of colors that can easily be sprinkled throughout your wedding décor. Orange and pink in particular offer many wonderful hues to choose from.

Spring Wedding Color Palette - Pink White Orange BouquetImage: usviwedding.com

Add Some Green

Spring represents rebirth after all those cold winter months. Similarly, the color green is also known for growth and the color of new life. There are plenty of refreshing and beautiful hues of green to use throughout your wedding décor, decorations, and attire.

Spring Wedding Color Palette - Greenery Reception TableImage: Alissa Saylor Photography

We Love Red

During the winter, you’ll see many darker shades of red that give a warm, cozy feeling. But when it comes to a spring wedding color palette, you’ll see plenty of brighter red hues that are often complimented with pink and white.

Image: straplessbridesmaiddress.wordpress.com

Purple Is A Nice Touch

Purple is a color that is very popular during the spring, but it needs to be used properly. One of our favorite ways of using the various hues and shades of purple is on the bridesmaids dresses.

Spring Wedding Color Palette - Lavender AccentsImage: theeverylastdetail.com

Blue And Yellow: What A Combo

When a couple uses blue and yellow in their spring wedding color palette, their decorations, flowers, and overall vibe pops big time. Go for a softer blue mixed with canary yellow.

Spring Wedding Color Palette - Blue And Yellow BouquetImage: Samantha Jay Photography

Mint And Coral Are Everything

Mint and coral makes a cool, refreshing, and inviting spring wedding color palette. This color combination gives off a cheerful vibe for your wedding guests, and can look stunning mixed in with your bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen attire. For an extra-nice touch, use mint in your signature wedding drink.

Spring Wedding Color Palette - Coral And Mint BoutonnieresImage: Etsy | Carolina Rosa Designs

Everyone Loves Peach

If you know anything about spring, you know that pastel colors are everywhere during that time of year. Muted peach is a color that looks gorgeous dappled throughout your decorations, flowers, and attire. Add some peach in your bouquet, and watch how it achieves a subtle eye-catching effect.

Spring Wedding Color Palette - Peach AccentsImage: mallorcaeventexperts.com

Hopefully this article has given you some great ideas for your spring wedding color palette. Be sure to check out plenty of magazines and articles online for even more inspiration so that your spring wedding stands out from the rest. And if you’re searching for your perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, please check out Hollywood Banquet Hall!