The word “technology” doesn’t typically bring forth thoughts of romance, but if you take a step back and look at all the tools that technology now offers for weddings and wedding planning, you’ll see how much easier some of those tools can make the process. And the smoother the process, the smoother the wedding. That’s pretty romantic, right?

At Hollywood Banquet Hall, we are constantly speaking to couples who are in the middle of planning their wedding. Here are some of the best tech-based tools we’ve heard about to improve not only the wedding plans, but the wedding day itself.


If you haven’t heard of the Glamsquad app, it’s basically like Uber for hair and makeup. No matter where you are, you can book a hair and/or makeup artist to come and fix you up, in as little as an hour’s notice.


These professionals are vetted carefully, and the app is an absolute favorite of major publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Glamsquad focuses on both wedding trials and wedding days, and is ideal if you have lots of bridesmaids who want their makeup done on the day of.


Couples who have used this service are crazy about it. SpeechBooth is a service that allows wedding guests to use video to record messages, memories, toasts, or anything else they want for the couple.

How does it work? The company sends you a lightweight box through the mail that includes the minimal equipment you’ll need, then you just set it up and go. Many couples use this for either cocktail hour or the reception.

After the wedding, you just take the equipment apart again, mail it back to SpeechBooth, and then they will send your edited video back to you within 30 days. And there you have it: a personalized video with well wishes and messages from your wedding guests.

This may seem silly or obvious to some, but SpeechBooth is so convenient and easy to use that it has won the hearts of many. Plus, while many couples hire a wedding videographer, they don’t get a video of their guests leaving messages. A wedding video is typically just the beautiful imagery over music, not guests speaking directly to a camera.

GoPro in the Bouquet

A bride’s walk down the aisle is incredibly meaningful. Straight ahead, typically, is her spouse-to-be, the officiant, and the entire wedding party. Because that’s a lot of people, sometimes that walk gets foggy, and having an inconspicuous GoPro attached inside the bouquet is a great way to have footage from that oh-so-important walk.

Image: Partridge Photography

If it’s done correctly, you’ll have footage of your guests’ faces as you walk down the aisle, as well as plenty of other interesting footage.

If this one sounds fun to you, have your florist “reserve” a spot inside your bouquet for the small camera.

High-Tech Wedding Websites

Wedding websites have obviously been around awhile, but the more technology advances, the more detailed and helpful these websites become—for both the couple and their guests.

You can post those engagement photos you spent so much money on, add any instructions (like the dress code) or reminders (like if you’re having an unplugged ceremony), set a wedding countdown, and manage your guest list and RSVPs more easily. You can also share your story, show off your wedding party, offer pre-mingling for your guests, and add last-minute updates (such as if there is traffic-blocking construction in the area). A wedding website is also a great place to post information about hotel/Airbnb accommodations, flights, and local attractions for those coming in from out of town.

Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

Projection mapping technology applied to a wedding cake is incredibly unique, very memorable, and becoming wildly popular. A wedding cake makes the perfect canvas for elaborate motion pictures and designs to be projected onto. Couples can select whatever moving images they want to make their wedding cake “live”.

Popular choices for imagery include fireworks, the couple’s names being written out in calligraphy, flowers, personal photos, a poem, or song lyrics.

And besides cake projection mapping, video mapping has also become a huge hit. This technology can transform a room into nearly any “scenario” with a wide variety of design elements. Combined with the right music, video mapping provides a larger-than-life effect that can truly elevate your wedding reception to the next level:

Phone-Restricting Pouches

It seems ironic to use technology to restrict other technology, but many couples are choosing to utilize companies such as Yondr for their weddings. Yondr offers locked pouches where phones can stay with their owners, yet not be used for a completely human experience.


The popularity of unplugged wedding ceremonies is skyrocketing, due to couples wanting to have control over what images from their wedding are shared, as well as the desire for their guests to be in the moment with them. More and more couples are also tired of their professional wedding photos being ruined by a sea of cell phones.

Because of this decision for guests to put away their phones during the wedding,

Wedding Favor Printables

3D printing has been a big thing for years now, and the wedding industry is finally seeing the benefits. Because we can print almost anything these days, there are now limitless options for couples to create and print their own ultra-customized wedding favors.

Companies like Shapeways provide all kinds of 3D materials to help with wedding favors that can be literally anything that a couple dreams up.


As you can see, there is a lot of great technology out there to help with both the wedding planning process and the entire day. If you’re currently planning your own wedding, hopefully these will help you during the process. And if you’re still looking for your perfect Los Angeles wedding venue, please take a look at our space at Hollywood Banquet Hall and contact us if you have any questions!