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Once you’ve found the perfect wedding dress, it’s time to find the right accessories to help make it shine even brighter. The right pieces can truly compliment your gown and make you feel like a princess on your special day. But what if you don’t know much about how to accessorize a wedding dress?

You want a complete bridal look—not just a pretty dress—and wedding accessories can often be tricky.

Don’t worry. As wedding professionals who have seen many, many brides, we at Hollywood Banquet Hall can give you some great advice. We know that you want to look as beautiful as you can, and that you’ll want to be proud of your choices when you look back at the wedding photos for years to come.

Choose Your Hairstyle Before An Accessory

From dozens of flowers being woven into your hair to a simple, elegant comb, bridal hair is always a big part of the overall look. Whether you’re wearing a tiara or letting it flow free, figure out your hairstyle before purchasing any hair accessories. This way, you can select the perfect one to flatter the hairstyle you’ve chosen.

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Don’t Accessorize Too Much

When you’re a bride-to-be, it can be very tempting to doll yourself up like crazy and buy everything in sight to go with your dress. However, trust us: you definitely don’t need necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, toe rings, a wrap, hair ornaments, a veil, and a tiara when accessorizing your wedding dress.

Overpowering your bridal look with too many accessories will be distracting and unappealing. The better thing to do is to plan your accessories around the style of dress instead of trying to wear a ton of accessories.

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If your dress is on the more simple side (like Meghan Markle’s), a couple of nice statement pieces will work beautifully. Or, if you have a very intricately-embellished neckline, skip a necklace altogether and go with small-but-sparkly earrings. Look at your dress and go from there. Don’t add things where they don’t need to be.

Consider Your Veil Carefully

There are so many options available for veils out there that you’re certain to find the perfect one to accessorize your wedding dress.

There are dramatic cathedral veils, vintage birdcage veils, lovely elbow-length veils, and everything in between. The important thing to remember is to make sure you select a veil that looks good with your gown. It should match the style and color. Be aware that there are many different shades of white, so bring a swatch with you when you buy your veil.

Also, your veil shouldn’t take away from the dress. For example, if the back of your wedding dress has a fancy design and deserves attention, your veil shouldn’t hide it—it should compliment it.

Keep Your Cover-Up Classy

If you’re getting married during a chillier month, You may have decided you’ll need a cover-up like a wrap, capelet, bolero, or shawl.

Similar to the veil, whatever cover-up you choose should accessorize the wedding dress beautifully and not overpower it. Don’t allow it to be too showy and distract from your gown.

The styles and colors should compliment each other and work together to create a stunning bridal look.

Break In Your Shoes!

Want to know the biggest mistake that brides make when they accessorize a wedding dress? They go crazy for a pair of heels that look perfect with the gown—and then they fail to test them out before their wedding day.

And what happens? Their bridal legs go numb halfway through the ceremony while they’re standing in front of everyone, and they have to ditch them for the rest of the day.

This is why it’s so important to be extremely mindful when selecting your wedding shoes. Make sure you can stand in them comfortably and dance in them (or perhaps have a pair of bridal flats for dancing). The point is, you need to break them in before your wedding day.

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Make Sure To Reflect Your Own Style

Even though it’s your wedding day and you probably want to look very glamorous, don’t feel like you need to take on an entirely different style. If you don’t usually wear much jewelry or accessories, don’t start now. Choose things that you like, feel good in, and think look good together—then make sure they reflect your personal taste and style.

On your wedding day, you should feel like the most beautiful version of your normal self.

If you’re not the best person with fashion and style, be sure to get the opinion of someone you trust who is good at that sort of thing. We all have fashionable friends. Take advantage of yours!

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Hopefully this list will help you accessorize your wedding dress. As one of the best event venues in Los Angeles, at Hollywood Banquet Hall we get to experience many weddings. If you’ve been looking for the perfect place for your reception or any other party, please contact us to learn more about our beautiful venue.