Do you spend hours browsing Instagram and Pinterest swooning over those amazing wedding locations—the kind that get published on the cover of magazines? Are you planning your big day and would absolutely love a drool-worthy venue of your own to tie the knot and celebrate? Then follow our guide and look for these top 5 qualities that make for a truly stunning venue.

Stunning Backdrops

A great venue is built on a beautiful backdrop for photos and celebrating. It doesn’t matter if it’s a view of the ocean, the mountains, or an amazing indoor venue; a truly breathtaking location will look Instagram-worthy before all of your special decorations even go up. The wedding location should speak for itself.

Special Attention to Detail

The first step is an amazing foundation and backdrop. The second step that makes print-worthy venues that get tweeted, shared, and pinned again and again are the ones that pay close attention to the details most venues forget. These details include jaw-dropping chandeliers, lighting, large scale plants and greenery, elegant draping, ornate furniture, and other incredible design elements. This type of venue isn’t just a space that lends itself to weddings; its purpose is to do everything in its power to give couples their dream wedding. The top shared wedding locations range from mountain tops to formal ballrooms and banquet halls to enchanting gardens. It doesn’t matter what your favorite is. As long as it follows these guidelines and takes your breath away with these types of details, all you’ll need to do is sign the contract.

Various Types of Lighting

A place that stuns is one that takes advantage of various types of lighting, from ground lighting to hanging lights, to track lighting and spot lighting. When scouting for your dream wedding venue, do a thorough check to make sure it is equipped with all of these types of lighting, and ask to see if it might be possible for the staff to put on a light show for you to demonstrate. If the venue doesn’t already have the type of lighting you want, invest in professionals who can come in and set the mood. In addition to artificial light, you may also want to look for a venue that comes with plenty of natural sunlight from glorious large windows. If the windows look out onto a gorgeous view, what could be better? Just be sure to plan the lighting arrangement around the best type of lighting that will work with the sunlight that comes in during the different times of the day.

Instant Wow Factor

The most popular and shared wedding venues are those that instantly wow the moment you set eyes on them. But swoon-worthy venues won’t offer just one location; they’ll offer you multiple ways to celebrate and wow guests at your wedding. After the ceremony, enchant guests with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in a secret garden surrounded by water features and lights. Then, when dinner is ready, move everyone into a grand ballroom to dance the night away.

Unintentional (But Welcome) Envy

A wedding venue that truly cares about delivering a one-of-a-kind experience won’t just want to sweep brides off their feet but it will also want to make all of your uninvited guests wish they were at your wedding. From a beautiful view to a grand indoor venue that’s usually limited to celebrities or royalty; the most shared venues on social media are the ones that captivate followers who you might not even know personally and get them dreaming about their own wedding and how they wish with all their might that it can be like yours.

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