These days, every couple that chooses to celebrate their nuptials in our beautiful Los Angeles wedding venue says the same thing: “We want our wedding photos to be different and unique; we want something that is really going to make people say ‘WOW!'” Luckily, technological advancements and creative photographers are coming up with exciting new ways to remember your special day forever. Wedding photo trends you’re likely to see in 2016 include:

GIFS and Cinemagraphs

Animated GIFs (which stands for Graphics Interchange Format) are darlings of mainstream internet culture. Now, many wedding photographers are applying the GIF technology to wedding photography as well. By taking several photos of a particular pose and editing the shots together so only a specific element of the photo – the ocean waves behind the couple, for example, or the bride’s veil blowing in the wind – actually move, photographers can create “moving pictures” that go far beyond traditional photography. Because the photos are in a digital .gif format, couples may then display their animated images on blogs, tumblr accounts, as their facebook profile pictures, or in a digital picture frame.

GIF Wedding Photo

Drone Photography

For years, drones have been stigmatized and associated with military interventions and invasions of privacy. Recently, though, photographers have started attaching small high-definition cameras (Like GoPros) to inconspicuous drones to capture spectacular aerial photography and impossible-to-get shots of wedding ceremonies and receptions. Though a hovering drone can be a distraction for some, most wedding parties say that drones are silent and add an element of futuristic celebrity to the celebration. (Note: before hiring a drone photographer, be sure the wedding venue allows the use of drones, and check with your local municipalities for any FAA regulations regarding unmanned aircraft.)

Same-Day Edit Wedding Videos

Imagine arriving at your wedding reception and treating your guests to a short video of everything you had already done that day, from getting ready in the morning to taking wedding photos with your bridal party to saying your “I Do’s” at the alter. For a generation that disdains waiting for anything, same-day edit wedding videos allow couples to relive the first half of their special day before it’s even over, and also gives wedding guests a “behind-the-scenes” looks at all the bridal festivities. This type of on-the-fly editing requires special skills, however, so make sure you seek out wedding videographers that have experience in same-day editing. Typically, same-day videos are 4-6 minutes long and cost between $1000-$1,500.