Wedding trends, advice from wedding planning professionals, and tips on how to make your Hollywood Banquet Hall wedding a complete success.

Wedding Eats: Culinary Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

Today, many couples are balking at the traditional banquet hall catering fare ("Your choice of chicken, beef, or fish...") and opting for more creative ways to feed their wedding reception guests. To help make your wedding-day feast one of the most talked-about aspects of your celebration, Hollywood Banquet Hall has selected a few of our [...]

Hollywood’s Wedding Tips: How To DIY Your Bouquet

When it comes to wedding expenses, the cost of wedding flowers are typically surpassed by only the wedding venue reservation and the reception's catering (including cake and drinks, of course); the bridal bouquet alone can cost up to $200, and bridesmaid bouquets usually costs between $30-$60 a piece! To help you stay within your budget, Hollywood Banquet [...]

Five Tips For Taking Great Instagram Photos At Your Wedding

While the social media photo sharing platform Instagram is an amazing way to share your wedding with the world, smartphone pictures may turn out blurry, dark, or unflattering if you haven't mastered your phone's functionality. To make sure your bridal photos accurately depict the beauty of your wedding day, Hollywood Banquet Hall's social media experts [...]

How To Choose The Right Wedding Palette Colors

Though it may not seem all that important (especially if you're a groom-to-be who doesn't understand the difference between "champagne," "cloud," and "porcelain"), choosing the right wedding colors is crucial for setting the right tone, portraying your personality, and just looking good. To make sure your wedding palette is perfect for your occasion, Hollywood Banquet [...]

Hollywood’s Tips For Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

Follow These Tips For Great Wedding Photos! You've spent months — or in some cases, years — researching wedding venues with the great lighting, coordinating outfits and color palettes that perfectly match, and hiring the best wedding photographer money can buy, only to have the shot of your first kiss obscured by an overzealous [...]

Hot 2015 Fall Wedding Trends For Your Hollywood Wedding

Though you've no doubt already started planning your fall 2015 wedding, you may want to consider incorporating some of these hot bridal trends into your special day! From elegant off-the-shoulder dresses to locally-sourced catering, Hollywood Banquet Hall has collected the season's most popular wedding features! Mason Jars Are Out, Copper Mugs Are In! [...]

How To Give A Perfect Wedding Toast

Giving a great wedding toast can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are you speaking in front of dozens, if not hundreds of people, but your audience is likely extremely diverse, spanning generations and including both fun-loving friends and conservative relatives. How to write a speech, then, that is both heartfelt and entertaining without being raunchy [...]

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