We’ve all seen the fantastic sweet 16 shows and celebrations that celebrities put on for their daughter. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend big to make a sweet 16 party memorable. We have researched some of the best places to find affordable sweet 16 decorations that can make your special day memorable without breaking the bank. Try looking at these locations to find some inspiration.

Here at Hollywood Banquet Hall, let us help you with finding decorations for your particular sweet 16 party venue in Los Angeles. We’ll guide you every step of the way to make sure you are not only satisfied with your decorations but also get the most value out of it! Our team has worked with numerous clients, all with different ideas and visions. Let us make your vision into reality!

Thrift Stores

Clothes inside a thrift store

A used item doesn’t mean that it offers less value. It does, however, lower the cost of the items dramatically. From brand clothes to furniture, thrift stores can be the place where you find hidden gems. Make sure to visit your local thrift store to see if they have any sweet 16 decorations that fit the theme for your party. It can also be a place where to find incredible discounted brand gifts!


Arts and Crafts

Etsy is a social platform e-commerce website where people make homemade decorations and materials. Think of it as passion projects or small businesses, but without the price of more prominent retailers. The vintage custom material makes it easily customizable for your party and guests. There is also an opportunity to directly contact the Etsy supplier to see if they are willing to create a custom gift specifically for your needs.

Craft Stores

Women in craft shop

Support your small businesses around your community and look into craft stores that offer a variety of decorations. Not only are you purchasing a product that does break the bank, but you are also helping out small businesses.

Swap Meet and Flea Markets

Flea Market crowd looking at items

If you are on a tight budget, think about spending some time at the swap meet or flea market. The swap meet can carry everything from clothes to tableware, and all the way from furniture decorations. Every city usually has a different type of swap meet and flea market they hold, which means you can find specific materials from different areas. The materials at these locations also don’t have a fixed price, saying you can haggle your way into saving even more money than you usually would. Make sure to bring cash and comfortable shoes since some markets can have over 30 vendors in one place!


Why not look for affordable sweet 16 decorations from the comfort of your own home? Looking into Amazon for great decorations can be comfortable and hassle-free. With the number of retailers and sellers on the site, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Just make sure to have some extra time for the party since delivery times can vary from different vendors.
Dollar Stores

Check out your local dollar store and look into their party section to grab some affordable decorations. Although it may not be the highest quality, you can’t beat the price. Since there are so many locations around Los Angeles, it’s pretty easy to find one that’s close to you!

Party Rental Stores

Different Color Balloons

Finding decorations doesn’t have to mean buying in bulk or buying permanently. Look around and think about hiring a party rental store to inquire about the services and decorations they offer. Some stores offer bulk decorations that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Party rental stores can specialize in a specific area perfect for your needs. With our venue, we work with numerous vendors to plan out any type of beautiful social events.

Local Marketplace Apps

Like swap meets and flea markets, local marketplace apps connect you with vendors without a fixed price. Apps like LetGo or OfferUp are the most popular marketplace apps. A great reason to use this is the geo-targeting feature where you can find vendors that are close to you. Finding affordable Sweet 16 decorations has never been this easy!

Conclusion to Finding Affordable Sweet 16 Decorations

Sweet 16 Decorations

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better understanding of where to find the best and most affordable decorations for that unique sweet 16 day. Most people think you have to spend lavishly, but ultimately the effort is what shows at the end of the day.